We are a group of 11 from 7 countries. We met with the: ExplOratorium, ABAG [Association of Bay Area Governments], Lundberg Design, Charles Phan, Loretta Keller, Bionic, Lennar Urban, STAR, The Point Artist Community, Cissie Swig, Chuck Collins, Gina Forman, David Spurgeon, SF Emergency PreparednessSPUR, Berkeley Fire, Joe Slusky, RallyPad, Global Glimpse, while traversing this great Bay Area.

We will be compiling our research to report back to and tie these agencies together in to one platform to allow them to see the parallels, tangencies, and potential partnerships in this amazing city. 

I have shot film during my time here and will post once the shots have been developed. All in all, there is a lot of heart the Bay Area, and we look forward to find the design potentials in this grand process of top down and bottom up programming for healthy, vibrant cities. 

My heart goes out to all and praise and thanks to all that have spent their valuable time speaking with answering and asking important questions.


Grace Cathedral

Grace Cathedral