Black Box vs the Gizmo

The gizmo should also be distinguished from the conventional renovation of precedent that many black box theses depend upon.  The gizmo does not take up an object or event as a precedent to be modified and offered as a renewed object or event. It carries out a very particular kind of modification, which is the condensing of a prior system of dependencies—an object and its context—into the confines of the gizmo.  This absorption of the systematic relationships of which practices are composed forestalls the reproduction of prior practices. Instead, the gizmo identifies and overcomes the limitations of those practices to render them obsolete or at least no longer indispensable.   Unlike a black box thesis, the gizmo thesis would not aim to reiterate the ineffable as a demonstration of knowledge, but rather to translate the ineffable into a knowable and operable form.

The architecture thesis is in the making. A sliver of neo-capital assemblage in relation to MIT military academic complex through various projects has allowed me to look forward and backward. This semester, with the pleasure guides Ana Miljacki and Antonio Furgiuele, we will walk all the way around a problem, tethering our variables, dismissing convention, seeing onbeyond. The issue of consolidating a thread of methodology to achieve a gizmo thesis is the impetus of what I think our MIT design education is about. The old guard passed about 6 years ago. I am not saying that we do not learn from the history of knowledge, but qualifying the honest truth about what was produced versus the mystery of the black box that produced it. My question now in forming a GIZMO, how does creativity, trade, community and manufacturing of knowledge and culture interface with water? Is there an estuarial gizmo? This is an art and a science. 

Our first pre-thesis research meeting was cancelled due to a state of emergency in Massachusetts. In other words, its a  SNOW DAY! My roommate is doing his thesis now on Snow. So we will be conduction some research today. The physics of balling, projectiles, community participation etc... watch out.