First Studio Meeting

Today, we commence to discuss how our research group will break up or down the issue or resilience. We have building technologists, urbanists, energy specialists, pirates, and designers. I am excited to mix the minds and learn about data, the past and the future and clear and powerful ways to visualize and communicate our findings and vision.

We are breaking down Risk with the variables of Hazard and Vulnerability. We will be mapping events over time relative to scale and effectiveness. In this case, the effect of an event is only a hazard in terms of habitation, and health with respect to humans. We are looking at Seismic, Flood, Heat, and Environmental Hazards. There will be overlap between soil type, liquefaction, demographics, topography and surface material in relation to heat. It will be a fun data mining for SF in particular to the HP shipyard. 

We also re-organized our studio. We have a work zone and a play zone. The work zone is 2 parallel rows of desks that we call the pit where laptops and musical chairs inform the collaborative. The fun zone is where we have coffee, fine spirits, a projector for sharing and theorizing and making sure we are all having fun. Serious Fun.

Also, I was turned onto this vision today from Bonobo. Have a looksee.